Closed due to COVID-19. Steve unable to take on lessons currently.

Theatre Group Performance Dates

Wednesday Group

Calla Matty Jack, the Wednesday Group’s last performance as a drama group, will take place on Sunday 15th July 2018.

The arrival and show times are provisional and could be later, due to the possibility of England reaching the final.

Show start 7:30pm (or 8:30pm)

Arrive 4pm (or 6:30pm)


Friday Group

Vixen dates confirmed Sat 24th November and Sun 25th November 2018.

Anglo cast Sat 3.00pm Saxon cast 7.00pm Viking Sunday 4.00pm

Rehearsals on 26th October and 2nd – 16th November will be extended to a 9pm finish.

Arrive 10am Sat and 3:00pm Sun.


Sunday Group

Sunday group’s Comedy Soup will be performed on Saturday 6th October 2018.

Show time 7:30pm

Arrive 10am