Closed due to COVID-19. Steve unable to take on lessons currently.


Peppercorns Music Academy was founded by Steve and Caroline in 1983 as a music school.

After various locations throughout the years such as The Priory Centre, Peppercorns has settled and thrived in Little End, Eaton Socon with a purpose built stage and separated teaching areas a big part of our success.

Today Peppercorns Academy is thriving with many students, young and old, being taught by our music, drama and dance teachers. Our building is also host to choirs such as Peppercorns Singers and hired out by bands such as Old School Reasons for rehearsal space and for gigs.


The Team

Steve & Caroline

Steve and Caroline founded Peppercorns Academy in 1983. During the 90s Steve started to write his own stage plays which have been performed by the drama groups of Peppercorns throughout the years, with a production of Tutenkhamun reaching the West End!

Steve teaches Piano, Keyboard and Guitars whilst Caroline mainly focuses on Singing, Flute and Piano. Caroline also leads a number of choirs run by Peppercorns: Peppercorns Singers, The Capsicum Singers and The Evergreens.

Simon Muzolf

Simon has been involved in dance and drama since being the age of 5. Since leaving Longsands, where he was involved in the performing arts department, Simon became a drum teacher at Peppercorns Academy and has now stepped up into the general manager role, taking on large responsibilities such as running the music shop and looking after our building.

Simon is mainly a drum teacher but can also teach a variety of other instruments such as bass guitar, African and Samba Drums and Ukelele, a talent recently discovered! Simon also teaches and works with other places, such as Wyton Primary School.

Emma Muzolf

Emma has been involved with Peppercorns for as long as she can remember. Emma, no stranger to the stage, has in recent years become part of the backstage staff, helping to choreograph and direct whilst also running one-on-one singing sessions for each show during rehearsals. Emma runs the Friday drama group with Steve.


We would like to thank all our volunteers who clean, teach or simply help in anyway possible.

If you are interested in volunteering at Peppercorns, or would like to go on work experience with us, please contact us.