Brand new theatre group, Longsands Show info and more

Theatre Workshops

Easter Holiday and Summer Holiday workshops filling fast especially second of the Easter weeks and first of the Summer weeks. Get in touch if you need places.


Pepperpots Theatre Group

Pepperpots 3 to 6 year old music and theatre club starts Tuesday April18th. 4.00pm till 5.00pm £16 per month. Contact us to reserve a space.


Longsands Show

All theatre groups are performing at Longsands Academy 25th of March 3.30pm. Tickets £5 each. Contact us to reserve some.


New Format for Wednesday Group

New format to Wednesday theatre club starts after Easter. All ages 7 to 21 years now accepted.



We have two new videos to be released soon, check out our YouTube Channel whilst you wait, we’ll let you know when the videos are released. You may have caught our trailer for Zombie Love Story, our upcoming drum cover from Ed.


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