Music Tuition in St Neots from Peppercorns Academy


From £36/month

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano/Keys, Flute & Vocal Tuition.

Central to our organisation is our music tuition. Owing to the excellence of our teaching we now have over 200 pupils, many of whom sit grade examinations with much success. Half hour lessons are offered from £36 per month. We can teach a wide-range of instruments, some of which are listed above, just give us a call.

Choirs in St Neots from Peppercorns Academy


From £5/month

Caroline Muzolf currently leads four choirs; Peppercorns Singers, The Capsicum Singers, The Evergreens, and Peppercorns Junior Choir.

Band Tuition in St Neots from Peppercorns Academy


Peppercorns are pleased to continue offering our unique band coaching workshops. Simon has been working with local bands for over 6 years achieving fantastic results progressing on to bigger and better things. All ages are welcome, but we ask that members have some musical background since the workshops are not individual tuition sessions. Once you have mastered a few songs we can offer recording sessions on site in our recording studio. We recommend this so that you have a chance to monitor your progress and make improvements.