Theatre & Film

Wednesday Theatre/Film Group


6pm – 8pm

Ages 7 – 21

Friday Theatre Group


6pm – 8pm

Ages 7+

Sunday Theatre Group


10am – 1pm

Ages 5+

Our ever popular kid’s theatre groups are a big part of what we do here at Peppercorns. We pride ourselves on providing a fun and supportive environment in which our members can develop their confidence whilst having a great time. We put on several productions a year with at least two shows per production which enables us to give everyone a chance at playing a major part in a show. We believe in giving everybody a chance to be involved. Peppercorns are the only children’s theatre group in St Neots with our own dedicated theatre and rehearsal space.

Students at Peppercorns will learn all aspects of performance, such as acting, dance, singing, technicals, props, costumes and set design. We also run film projects for our groups, which has made a welcome return to Peppercorns with the creation of our YouTube channel.


Our ages 3 – 6 theatre group, The Pepperpots is back. Do you have a Prima Toddler itching to get on the stage? Or maybe your child could benefit from our unrivalled confidence building techniques to bring them out of their shell.

Classes are Tuesday 4pm – 5pm and will start April 18th 2017.


Behind the scenes at all of our productions are the technical crew; they are responsible for all our spectacular sound, lighting and scenery. Peppercorns have one of the largest permanent sound and lighting rigs in the area which we are eager to see used by our members regularly. We run extra workshops dedicated to set design, before each of our shows.